Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mystery Shopper companies scam

Mystery Shopper scam involves someone offering to pay you to shop at a retail outlet and rate the customer service and overall shopping experience.With all the fraudulent opportunities being reported recently, its hard to tell if a Mystery Shopper job is real or scam,There are a few that are legit. But in most cases you have to pay for the product up front and then the company reimburses you every month. I had a friend who tried this. The work was slow in forth coming and waiting for the reimbursement was too.
below are a list of Mystery Shopper companies i found on craigslist,before you join,do your research,a Secret Shopping Company charge you a fee is probably a scam.

Shadow Agency -
Shadow Shopper of Georgia –
ServiceTrac -
Shoppers’ View -
Sneak Peakms -
Spot Check Services -
Strategic Reflections -
Satisfaction Services -
Scheduling Outsource Service -
Second To None -
Secret Shopper -

Service Evaluation Concepts -
Service Evaluations –
Service Excellence Group -
Service Impressions -
Service Intelligence Experience Exchange -
Service Performance Group -
Service Quality Department -
Service Research Corporation -
Service Savvy –
Secret Shopping Services -
Sensors Quality Management (SQM) -
SensusShop -
Service Advantage International (SAI) -
Service Alliance -
Service Check -

ShopMetrics -
Shoppers Confidential –
Shoppers Inc.
Shoppers’ Critique International -
Sinclair Service Assessments (SSA)
Solomon Group -
Speedmark -
Spies In Disguise –
Strategic Reflections -

Service Sense –
Service Sleuth -
Service Solutions -
Service With Style -
ServiceCheck –
ServiceProbe -
ServiceSense -
SG Marketing -
Sights on Service -
Shop Incognito –
Shop’n Chek -
shop4results -